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60Amper Lithium Battery 12 Volt LFP Lithium Ion For Solar Off Grid House Power

60Amper Lithium Battery 12 Volt LFP Lithium Ion For Solar Off Grid House Power

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    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: RJ
    Certification: MSDS/UN38.3/ROHS/CE/KC
    Model Number: RJ-LFP-1260A

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 5pcs
    Price: USD1-100/pcs (FOB Shenzhen)
    Packaging Details: Carton Package
    Delivery Time: 7days
    Payment Terms: TT
    Supply Ability: 100000Sets
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    Detailed Product Description
    Material: LiFepo4 Voltage: 12.8V
    Capacity: 60AH Lifespan: >20years
    LIfe Cycles: >6000times Weight: 10.5KG

    60Amper Lithium Battery 12 Volt LFP Lithium Ion For Solar Off Grid

    House Power



    60Amper Lithium Battery 12 Volt LFP Lithium Ion For Solar Off Grid House Power



    1. Are RJ 12V lithium battery safe to use ?


    Yes, our 12 volt lithium battery is made of lithium iron phosphate battery cells, which is the safest lithium material of all kinds. Our battery has already passed IEC international standards test, which includes test as below:

    T1. Altitude simulation test- our 12v lithium batteries are stored at a pressure of 11.6Kpa for at least 6hours.

    T2. Termal test- our batteries are stored at a test temperature up to 75 degree, followed by a termperature -40 degrees.

    T3. Vibration test- batteries are under vibration with frequency from 7Hz to 200Hz and then back to 7Hz.

    T4. Shoct test, our batteries are subjected to a shock with acceleration peak 150gn

    T5. External short circuit test

    T6. Impact/Cursh test

    T7. Over charge test

    T8.Forced Discharge test

    Test result of above required no leakage, no venting, no fire, no explosion.

    Our RJ 12v lithium battery has all passed through. With which We are confident to say our battery is safe to use, particular for RV Camper, Caravan, Marine boat and ship etc.


    2.How long is RJ 12 Volt lithium battery expect to last?


    Generally, our 12v lithium battery has a lifespan more than 15years. Here is the calculation for reference. If charge rate less 1C, discharge rate continuously less than 2C, discharge fully 100%DOD, our 12v lithium battery is expected to have 6000cycles. And after 6000cyles, there is capacity retention at least 70% of original. You can do the math, if the 12v ltihium battery is being used for 1 cylce per day, then you will be using at least 365cylces per year, and with 6000cyles, you can expect it with a lifespan more than 15years.


    3. I would like to use your 12V lithium battery for my electric boat, but will it explode?


    No. it won’t explode under any circumstances. Our test data shows that The self-ignition temperature of lithium iron phosphate batteries is 800 C, that is to say, under any realistic extreme conditions, lithium iron phosphate batteries are basically impossible to self-ignite, nor will explode. This outstanding performance makes our 12 v lithium battery , which made from lifepo4 chemistry, a best solutions to power marine appication such as electric boat, yachts, RV trailers.


    4.Can I leave a battery charger connected to RJ 12V lithium battery in my RV?


    Yes. Each of our RJ 12v lithium battery has made with a matching BMS which will take care of charging control for the battery. In general, Lithium-ion batteries are charged with constant current, then constant voltage. A constant value of charging current decreases gradually with the increase of charging voltage, and finally decreases to almost zero. Therefore, it is no problem to continue to put it on the charger after charging. This is make it convenient for customers to automatically charge the battery possible.


    5. Do I always fully charge it everytime when I charge 12v lithium battery?


    Generally speaking, unlike lead acid battery, our 12V lithium batteries are not very demanding for charging because they have no memory effect. You can charge it to 100% fully, and If the time is not enough, charging up to 80% is also no problem at all.

    And if you plan to not be using the 12v lithium battery for a long time, for the lithium battery pack to be idle, the recommended charging level is 40%.


    6. Can 12v lithium battery be 100% fully discharge without damage to battery?


    Yes, that is no problem at all. For our 12v ltihium battery, which is made of LiFePO4 Battery cell, has a limited discharge voltage of 2.5v and limited chargge voltage of 3.65v for each single cell. Within this range of voltage, which is 10v and 14.6v, our 12v lithium battery can be fully discharge without any problem. Many people farmiliar with lead acid battery, which claims to be deep cylce battery, but actually, they can only discharge to 60% to 70%, this is in fact not the real deep cycle. On the contrary, our 12v lithium battery can be truly deep cycle while discharging. This is another feature and advantage of our 12v lithium battery over lead acid battery or AGM Gel battery in the market.



    Items Parameter
    Battery Type LiFePO4
    Nominal Voltage 12.8V
    Nominal Capacity 60Ah
    Energy 768Wh
    Limited Charge Voltage 14.6±0.2V
    Floating Charge Voltage 13.8±0.2V
    Charge Method CC/CV
    Discharge Cut-off Voltage 10.0V
    Standard Charge Current 60A
    Standard Continuous Discharge Current 60A
    Max. Continuous Discharge Current (<10min) 120A
    Cycle Life > 6000 cycles
    Dimension (mm) Length: 232±2 Width: 171±2 Height: 215±2
    Weight 12.5±0.2Kg
    Charge Temperature Range 0~45℃
    Discharge Temperature Range -20~60℃
    Recommended Operating Temperature 15~35℃
    Self-Discharge Rate (Residual capacity) ≤3%/month; ≤15%/years
    Self-Discharge Rate (Reversible capacity) ≤1.5%/month; ≤8%/years




                                      Built-in BMS


    No. Item Test Item Creterion
    1 Voltage Charging Voltage DC:14.4V CC/CV
    Balance voltage for single cell 3.50±0.025V
    2 Current Balance voltage for single cell 35±5mA
    Current consumption ≤50μA
    Charging current 60A
    Rated continuous discharging current 60A(Peak 120A)
    3 Over charge Protection Over charge detection voltage for single cell 3.65V±0.025V
    Over charge detection delay time 0.7S—1.3S
    Over charge release voltage for single cell 3.550±0.05V
    4 Over discharge Protection Over discharge detection voltage for single cell 2.50V±0.07V
    Over discharge detection delay time 1.6±0.5S
    Over discharge release voltage for single cell 3.00±0.75V
    5 Over current Protection Over current detection current 500±50A
    Over current detection delay time 1.6±0.5S
    Release condition Cut load
    6 Short Protection Detection condition Exterior short circuit
    Detection delay time 230uS—500uS
    Release condition Cut load
    7 Resistance Protection circuitry (MOSFET) ≤60mΩ
    8 Temperature Operating Temperature Range -40~+85℃
    Storage Temperature Range -40~+125℃



    60Amper Lithium Battery 12 Volt LFP Lithium Ion For Solar Off Grid House Power


    60Amper Lithium Battery 12 Volt LFP Lithium Ion For Solar Off Grid House Power

    60Amper Lithium Battery 12 Volt LFP Lithium Ion For Solar Off Grid House Power

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